Mesotherapy at home 2022 - Complete guide

Facial and body mesotherapy at home:

Products to perform mesotherapy at home have been evolving in recent years. Today it is a treatment that can be combined with other procedures, products and exercises.

These products consist of ampoules that contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other active ingredients that have great benefits for skin care. Thus, in this way, each ampoule is made and designed based on the different conditions that we want to treat.

Woman doing facial mesotherapy at home with dermaroller.

Benefits of mesotherapy at home:

Mesotherapy at home is designed mainly for the face, neck and décolleté. On the body for the abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs. Its benefits are multiple:

  1. reduces lines and wrinkles
  2. activates the microcirculation of the dermis of the treated area
  3. provides shine and luminosity
  4. helps the formation of collagen and elastin
  5. It improves skin texture
  6. lightens small spots and pigmentations
  7. hydrates and revitalizes the dermis
  8. improves acne and scars
  9. stops mild alopecia and hair loss
  10. decreases cellulite
  11. eliminates localized fat

Vitamin c vials for mesotherapy treatment at home.

Some of the most used ingredients and active ingredients for mesotherapy at home:

L-Carnatine: due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities , L-carnitine is used in many products made for cellulite and body remodeling. This ingredient helps us eliminate fat accumulated in arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and hips when it is not possible to eliminate it with diet and exercise.

Hyaluronidase: this enzyme is a cell regenerator whose action reinforces the repair and renewal of the extracellular matrix. It contributes to the increase in collagen fibers, giving the skin a luminous appearance. It is used to reduce expression lines and scars. In the body it is able to break down cellulite and gives the skin a smooth and compact surface .

Deoxycholate: this enzyme is responsible for emulsifying fat, breaking down adipocytes. Once the fat becomes more liquid, it is expelled from the body through the lymphatic system. It is used to burn abdominal fat, as a slimmer and body shaper. It can be used to eliminate fat located in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Hyaluronic Acid: used to hydrate, firm and moisturize. Provides luminosity and firmness to the skin . It is used to treat wrinkles on the face, neck and hands.

massager glove

Devices to perform mesotherapy at home:

As a general rule, it is done with the help of an applicator called Dermaroller that has different microneedles. These microneedles create micro perforations in the skin that help improve the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Needle-free mesotherapy devices can also be used at home. Among some of their advantages we find that they are painless and there is no bleeding.

For body mesotherapy at home we also use the massager glove that contains nine deep metal spheres that roll easily, activating blood circulation in the treated area.

Advantages of mesotherapy at home:

Some of the main advantages of mesotherapy at home are: first, we do not have to travel to an aesthetic clinic to receive the treatment and we can perform the treatments at any time, avoiding prior appointments months in advance.

On the other hand, the price of doing the treatment at home is considerably lower if we have to pay a professional. While it is necessary to purchase the products and devices, the final cost will be much lower.

Products and devices to perform mesotherapy treatment at home.

How to do mesotherapy at home:

At-home mesotherapy vials are designed for topical use. In the case of facial treatments, the first thing is to shake and open the ampoule. We then apply the liquid to the area to be treated (face, neck, around the eyes). Next, we apply a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed.

On the body, apply the solution to the skin with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. We recommend the use of the massager glove.

If you have questions about the treatment or the different mesotherapy products at home, do not hesitate to call us or go to our mesotherapy products store. We also invite you to share your opinions, experiences and results.