What is L Carnitine and its benefits

What is carnitine and its benefits in body treatments.

carnitine was first discovered as an essential vitamin for the body in the 1900s. It was later discovered to be an amino acid produced by our own body.

This chemical substance is produced in the kidneys and liver from other amino acids, playing a fundamental role in metabolism. In this way, helps the body and its tissues convert fat for energy.

It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other bodily processes. That is why many athletes use it to improve their performance in sports.

Why L Carnitine serves as a fat burner.

Carnitine works to get lipids into the cell's mitochondria, and this is where they act as engines, burning fat to create usable energy.

When there is a deficit of L-Carnitine, then an accumulation of fat occurs and the presence of adipose tissue increases. In other words, cellulite accumulation or the so-called orange peel skin.

L Carnitine how it works:

According to some studies that demonstrate the role of Carnitine in fat burning, below we list the most important functions in our body.

  1. It favors the use of fats to transform them into energy without the need to use sugars.
  2. It improves the performance of the amount of oxygen that the body can consume in a given time, which is why it is very favorable for some athletes such as cyclists and runners, increasing the supply of oxygen to the muscles.
  3. Increases muscle mass that can be lost with diets or incorrect nutrition.
  4. Accelerates the aerobic metabolism of carbohydrates.

Benefits of L Carnitine in body treatments:

We must say that to transform our body, increase muscle mass and reduce cellulite, we must make an effort.

To do this, we recommend doing cardiovascular exercises at least four times a week, following a low-fat diet and taking advantage of body treatments.

Global Mutinational recommends its different localized fat reduction treatments with L-Carnitine. Some of these treatments are carried out through the technique of Mesotherapy, Electroporation and Cavitation, among others.

We also recommend our professional cosmetic treatments, to use in the comfort of your home. To do this, you must apply them to the areas to be treated, stimulating the affected area with massages.

Anti-cellulite with L Carnitine to do massages at home:

We recommend using the Derma Roller to massage the areas, as this will increase its effectiveness and allow optimal absorption of the active ingredients placed on the skin.

The anti-cellulite with L Carnitine to do massages at home will cause the adiposities and accumulated fat in the abdomen, hips, legs and buttocks to be burned more quickly. The results will be evident over the course of applications.

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Its active ingredients are made up of a combination of natural extracts. Among them, rutin, organic silicon and carnitine.

Extractos naturales Anticelulítico con L-Carnitine



Firming Reducing Gel with its thermo-activating and tensor effect.It acts on localized fat through natural fat burners and thermo-activators such as caffeine, L-Carnitine, Artichoke Extract, Seaweed, Menthol Crystals and Vitamins C and E

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Its components include Artichoke, L-Carnitine, Organic Silicon and Phosphatidylcholine.

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