Solution with Seaweed Extract By Denova - Ally against Cellulite - 10Amp x 5ml
Solution with Seaweed Extract By Denova - Ally against Cellulite - 10Amp x 5ml

Solution with Seaweed Extract By Denova - Ally against Cellulite - 10Amp x 5ml

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Solution with Seaweed Extract - Your Ally against Cellulite

Our Solution with Seaweed Extract is the secret to effectively combat and reduce cellulite. With a formula based on seaweed, this solution nourishes your skin with a cocktail of proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins that awaken its natural beauty.

Key Benefits:

Intense Hydration: Seaweed infuses your skin with rich moisture, revealing smoother, more radiant skin from the inside out;

Stimulation of blood flow: improves blood circulation on the surface of the skin, resulting in a healthier, smoother and brighter appearance;

Reducing the appearance of orange peel skin: helps absorb fat found just below the skin's surface, reducing the appearance of cellulite and leaving skin more even and smooth;

Elimination of excess fluids: facilitates the elimination of retained fluids, which further reduces the appearance of cellulite and provides more toned skin.

Powerful Ingredients: Our solution is enriched with seaweed extract, known for its richness in essential nutrients. These natural ingredients work in harmony with your skin to give you visible results.

Suggested Use: Apply the Seaweed Extract Solution regularly to areas affected by cellulite. Massage gently to stimulate absorption and maximize benefits. Discover the transformation that seaweed can offer your skin. Regain confidence in your appearance and show smooth and toned skin with our Seaweed Extract Solution.

Concentration: 1%

Composition: Seaweed, Lithium Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate, Manganese Gluconate.

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